Hygeia LLC provides cleaning services that empower your business to be more productive.

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About Hygeia LLC

Hygeia LLC is a startup commercial cleaning company in Alexandria, Virginia. We operate in the North Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland areas. We offer services for a variety of facilities such as office buildings, financial institutions, daycares and educational facilities, condos and apartments, retail spaces, and churches.

Mission Statement

Our driving motivation is to provide our clients, partners, and staff with an uplifting quality of service that resonates throughout every aspect of our business. A culture of uplifting service allows us to have a strong focus on quality of work as well as quality of interaction with our customers.

Quality Assurance

We adhere to processes developed to assure quality and efficiency.

Ready and Able

We are trained and equipped to respond to a dynamic range of issues.

Schedule Any Time

Our staff can meet your organization's needs evenings and weekends as well as normal business hours.

  • Elevate Your Energy

    Entering a clean environment improves energy and satisfaction. The thought of using a dirty microwave or storing your food in a sticky, smelly refridgerator is enough to instantly dampen a mood. The easiest way to improve the morale of everyone in the office is to provide a clean workspace.

  • Promote Staff Productivity

    As your employees begin to feel energized from their clean work environment, they will work harder and the quality will grow. You will also notice that your employees become sick less frequently which will save untold dollars to your business.

  • Raise Your Reputation

    Your clients, vendors, partners, and prospective employees will judge you and your organization by the appearance of your office. What they say about you will spread throughout the business landscape and it will spread quickly.

Facility Cleanliness

Professional cleaning has many advantages for your business. It improves employee morale, partners' and clients' impressions will surge, and employee productivity will boost.

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Valet Trash Removal

We provide receptacles for each tenant and collect bagged trash from the receptacle at the tenant's front door. Trash is collected evening times five days a week.

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Porter Services

Many businesses and facilities do not have a requirement for full-time janitorial personnel. Porter services provide personnel on a schedule to better meet your needs.

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Contact Us

Hygeia is here to help. Our processes, equipment, and chemicals combined with our great team will make your office happier, healthier, and far more productive.

Feel free to contact us outside of office hours if you require our services before the office reopens.

Mail to
5810 Kingstowne Center Dr
Suite 120-161
Alexandria, VA 22315

Phone: (703) 382-8202
Fax: (703) 382-8183
Email: unlock@hygeiallc.com

Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00AM - 5:00PM
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